Five Stars For AGDAS 22.12.2015

Withun the 24th Turkey Perfection Awards organized jointly by KalDer and TÜSİAD, AGDAS has b...
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M. Nezih Erdem, Man of gold in 2015 22.12.2015

Men of gold of the year awards, rewarded by ipekyolu strategical research center (ipar) with int...
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Genpa Web Site Won International Prize 24.08.2015

Genpa web site, won “Outstanding Achievement” prize in "E-Commerce" category in Interactive ...
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GENPA Got the First Place at Information 500 28.07.2015

“Information 500 Ceremony”, in which the 500 biggest information companies of Turkey are announce...

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Appreciation Plaque from TUGIAD for Dr. Mehmet Nezih Erdem 20.01.2015

TUGIAD members met at the Ordinary General Assembly of 15th Term. During the general assemb...

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Nezih Ticaret A.Ş.

Nezih Ticaret A.Ş. Conduct the purchasing and selling activities of the production wastes of the large industrial institutions. Those wastes are resolved without requiring a second process and the wastes are dold to the producing factories as semi- finished products. Nezih Ticaret A.Ş. İs a company providing the production wastes to be recycled for economy and contributing the environmental protection as well as an institution supporting the institution by providing personnel employment, the personnel who are well-trained in labor safety and environment through its undertaking services.

Nezih Ticaret A.Ş. began to operate its activities in 1978 with chemical and industrial raw materials marketing activities; and intensified its activities in line with decision to grow the aims and goals due to the economic growth and developments in Turkey in 1980. It operates activity in in the fields such as the industrial yarn and cord fabric marketing and sales business, Recycling products marketing and sales business, home and dangerous waste transportation, packing waste collection, resolution and transportation activities, forklift maintenance business, renting, leasing, purchase-sales, importation-exportation fields.

It continues its activities in collaboration with the institutions in Kocaeli region and particulary Sabancı Holding Kentsa companies, Erciyas Boru, Borusan Lojistik and Teklas companies as a solution partner. Nezih Ticaret A.Ş. provides service with totally 245 employees for Sabancı Holding Kentsa companies in Product Warehousing and Shipment Business, Raw Materials Warehousing Business, Machine Cleaning and Kentsa Environmental Cleaning Business together with personnel support in various fieldsas undertaking services.

Our company takes as a mission to achieve successful results and to be pioneer institution creating value for all of our shareholders in the field of waste and waste materials handling and with our other products and /or services , and with the support of ERDEM HOLDING in this scope, takes significant steps in modernization in management structure and on the way to provide accord with the new management systems.

Nezih Ticaret A.Ş. efforts to enhance the rings of chain in order to provide the product and service in the best conditions for providing customer satisfaction. It takes pride in certification through EN ISO 9001 Quality Management System certificate and Environmental Management System which it established by setting integration in order to add the importance it pays to the environmental protection activities to these rings of the chain and labor health and safety and EN ISO 14001 Environmental Management System in 2010; and TS OHSAS 18001 Labor Health and Safety Management System

Sanayi Mah. D-130 Yanyol No:205/1 İzmit/Kocaeli
Phone: 0262 317 39 00
Fax: 0262 335 49 54
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