Award for “Best Business Partner of the Year” Goes to Genpa 20.10.2014

Genpa made the highest turnover of the rapidly rising Turkey Corporate channel of Samsung in 2...
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GENPA came back from Bilişim 500 with First Prizes 26.06.2014
Award ceremony for the “First 500 Informatics Companies” research, organized by İnterpromedya for th...
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GENPA IS AT MALL OF ISTANBUL! GENPA, the leading GSM distributor firm of Turkey, added ne...
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Soma Maden ocağında meydan...

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Award granted by SAMSUNG to GENPA 09.04.2014
Launch of the new star of SAMSUNG, Galaxy S5 was held on Monday, April 7th, at Antalya Kaya Pallazzo...
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The Board of Directors of Dörken System held the meeting at the headquarters in Germany

2007 Second “Meeting of Board of Directors” of Dörken System Inc., was held on September 3 at the headquarters of Dörken GmbH & Co. KG, company shareholder, located in Herdecke, Germany. After the meeting, Ms Ute Herminghaus-Böcking, the host, organised a special concert for the Turkish guests.

2007 Second “Meeting of Board of Directors” of Dörken System Inc., was held at the headquarters in Germany. At the meeting, it has been resolved that necessary investments shall be realised during the year, to obtain the high density polyethylene, the most important raw material used for the production of “drainage plate” of Dörken System Inc., through “recycle” method to be used in its own facilities. Following the fruitful meeting, the complimentary concert, tendered by Ms Ute Herminghaus-Böcking, member of Dörken family who expressed their pleasure to host the Turkish guests, for M. Nezih Erdem, M. Fatih Erdem, Fikri Budak and Rasim Serin, started. Two most skilled and promising musicians were invited for the classical music concert, organised at the space converted to foundation through construction of an additional hall made to the building formerly used as the factory office. The concert was highly appreciated by the audience.

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